Works in Progress

Check out my blog for my current serial story Reformation, the next sci-fi romp in the never-ending Bonded series. This one features everybody--literally, almost everyone who's survived the previous books is in this one, so go read up if you love Garrett, Jonah, Cody and Ten.

Suspicious Behavior, an m/m contemporary suspense novel and the second book in the Bad Behavior series with L.A. Witt, is waiting for edits and should be out in August with Riptide!

Reckless Behavior, the third in the Bad Behavior series, should be out in January of 2018. Woot!

Also, I wrote a werewolf novel. Whaaat? Yep! No title yet, but upon editing I'll be getting it to one of my presses, pronto.

The link to my blog: I should finish Reformation in the spring, and after that--I have no clue! But it'll be fun, whatever it is.