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Here you can find free drabbles, original short stories, and supplementary vignettes from my published fiction. Everything is marked for genre and content rating.

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10 Tips Cover
10 Simple Tips For Surviving The Apocalypse
M/M Dystopian
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Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse? Are you sure?

Let Javi help!

Ten Simple Tips For Surviving The Apocalypse is a handy guide for anyone who wants to weather the end of the world’s mayhem, misery, and mutants with flair. Javi Lipschitz, survivor extraordinaire and all-around lucky bastard, lays out his game plan for making it to safety when everything you own fits on a pink Huffy bicycle.

From how to pick the perfect travel companions (badasses definitely preferred) to the necessity of personal hygiene—seriously, dude, it might be an apocalypse but that’s no reason not to wash your briefs—you’ll get detailed ideas, personal anecdotes and, most importantly, a sense of hope that not all is lost.

Most is lost, maybe. But not all.

Full Credit Cover
You Get Full Credit For Being Alive
M/M Contemporary Thriller/Romance
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Dear Author,

First I didn’t see the body through all the rain and darkness but when I drew near I saw him. Thought he was dead with all the blood. But he wasn’t and I considered for a moment to end the job because really… it would have been a mercy kill. He wouldn’t survive those injuries and even if he did he would be a vegetable. I mean… look at that head wound!

But something in the way he was dumped on the back of my property in his ripped police uniform and the word FAG scrawled on his chest made me help him.

So now I’m here. His guardian angel, kind of ironic considering what I did in the past. I watch over his recovery, standing in the shadows where no one can see me.

The docs don’t think he will ever walk or speak again. The massive head trauma caused too much damage but I think he has a strong will. I saw his eyes. There is still life and reason in him. And I will help him to get back on his feet and will wait for the day when he thanks me with his own voice. As soon as he’s strong enough I’ll bring him home with me where he can heal because he has no one else.

And after that? I’m going after those fuckers who tried to off him. Because they know he is still alive…

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